Student Union

The purpose of the Student Union is to assist students in becoming part of the CGST family. Through activities organized by the Union and co-sponsored by the School, the students are able to come together as a family.

The 45th Student Union Staff:

Chairman: Derry Yip (MDiv 3)
Vice Chairman:  Sharon Ip (MDiv 3) (Internal Affairs)
Vice Chairman: Ronald Kwong (MDiv 2) (External Affairs)
Finance: Vani Lee (MDiv 2)
Secretary: Chun-Miu Lam (MDiv 3)
Internal Affairs: Irene Lau (MDiv 3)
External Affairs: Ivy Wan (MDiv 2)
Caring: Thomson Wong, Man-Kwong Yau, Max Cheng (MDiv 2), Chun-Miu Lam (Secretary*), Siu Fong Chan, Chi-Fu Hsu (MDiv 3)
Outreach: Billy Wong (MDiv 3), Vani Lee (Finance*)
Academic Affairs and Book Club:   Alexandar Lee (MDiv 3), Shirley Lui (MDiv 2)

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