July 19, 2021


Rev. Dr. Bernard Wong appointed the Fifth President of CGST

CGST Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Rev. Dr. Bernard Wong has been appointed the fifth President of CGST on July 17, 2021. Rev. Wong will begin serving as President on September 1, 2021.
Rev. Bernard Wong is currently Associate Dean and Associate Professor (Theological Studies). He holds an MDiv from CGST and is the first alumnus to serve as the President in CGST history. The recent development of CGST, including the launch of the new curriculum of the graduate programs, as well as the new development of the DMin, ThM, and continuing education, have all been made possible through the collaboration of Rev. Wong and his coworkers. Under Rev. Wong's leadership, the CGST Team will continue to embody the spirit of reflective collaboration and will embrace the opportunities and challenges of the new milestone in the next phase.