News Update


  • In Hong Kong, the third wave of the pandemic started in July, and CGST Library assessed that students probably would need to study at home in the new semester in September. Therefore from July to September 2020, the library purchased about 360 e-books to meet the needs of online education. At the same time, about 360 physical books would also be purchased to provide a more comprehensive support for teaching and learning.
  • Librarian Dr Joyce Sun participated in The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education’s (ICETE) project which worked on the Guidelines for Doctoral Libraries.


Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

  • TEE offered a series of online Sunday school classes between the month of April and June for Chinese churches worldwide to keep on learning God’s word during the lockdown.
  • In the Jul-Sep term there were 1,630 enrolments to our TEE courses. Due to the third wave of pandemic in Hong Kong, all classes are being conducted online.


Word of Life Bible Study Ministry (WOL)

  • The two series of 5 -week online learning webinars in Cantonese between April 7 to June 12, and the Putonghua edition of the 5-week online learning webinars from April 21 to May 20, had a total number of nearly 100,000 participants from 54 countries or regions. We are thankful that God used the webinars to bless brothers and sisters of various regions.
  • The Word of Life Mobile App was launched in June for Chinese Christians to facilitate enrolment and information search of the Bible study courses.
  • A new 8-week online course in Putonghua on The books of Ezra and Nehemiah has been held from July 20 to September 9.
  • It is followed by a 12-week, newly recorded series of Cantonese Bible study on “Bible, the Revelation of God and Genesis” from September 15 to December 2.


Alumni Gathering

  • A meeting for MDiv alumni on “Reflecting spiritual formation in pastoral ministry – from a pastor’s spiritual experience” hosted by Chaplain Ms Grace Wong was held on July 6.


Online Public Events

  • A Facebook live workshop for peace of mind for pastors was held on May 11. Dr Pan Yi-Jung, Assistant Professor (Practical Studies), and Ms Julia Luk, CGST alumnus (MCSC 88) were the speakers.
  • A public forum on “Wounded City · Cross: Challenges of the Times under the Political and Economic Changes” was held via Facebook Live on May 25. Chaired by Dr Daniel Lee, Eleanor and Wayne Chiu Professor (Theological Studies) and Director of Center for Faith and Public Values, speakers included Mr Eric Cheung, Principal Lecturer of the Department of Law, University of Hong Kong, Mr Bruce Lui, Senior Lecturer, Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Rev Mike Ng, Senior Pastor of Ngau Tau Kok Swatow Christian Church.
  • The public lecture on the “Peace Corner in current times – the lot of Christian counselors.” was held via Facebook Live on August 24. Our alumnus Mrs Liu Wong Po Shan chaired the lecture, with speakers including Mr Ringo Ng Wing Kong (MCE 07 and senior psychological and family counselor), Dr Kin-yip Louie, Heavenly Blessings Professor (Theological Studies) and Dr Jane Mann, Visiting Professor (Counselling Studies).


Faculty Appointments

  • We welcomed two Faculty-in-Preparation joining our Faculty Team – Dr Lilian Li as Assistant Professor (Biblical Studies), and Dr Celine Yeung as Assistant Professor (Theological Studies).


Faculty Engagements

  • Dr Tracy Lo, Assistant Professor (Counselling Studies), attended the 2020 Annual American Psychological Association Convention between August 6 and 9, and presented two papers entitled “Exploring How Compassion and Self- Compassion Relate to Spirituality and Wellbeing” and “The Relationship of Spirituality with self-Compassion, Empathy, Generosity, Meaning of Life and Life Satisfaction in Young Adults.”



  • The new monograph in Chinese on Integration of Psychological Counselling and Christian Faith, edited by Dr Raymond Au, Carson and Virginia Mok Professor (Counselling Studies), was published in March 2020.
  • Visiting Professor (Counselling Studies) Dr Jane Mann’s new book in Chinese entitled Boundaries in Relationships: How to Construct Healthy Boundaries in Relationships was published in April 2020.
  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung, Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) published an article “Ecological Spirituality” in the bi-monthly Chinese Churches Today June 2020 issue.
  • Assistant Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Joyce Sun’s new book in Chinese entitled The First Epistle of Paul to Timothy was published in June 2020.
  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung published an article “The Paradox of Trial: Mother Teresa's Spiritual Experiences” in the Hill Road Journal Issue 45 (July, 2020), pp 69-86.
  • Chan Chu So Wah Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Wong Ka-Leung’s new book in Chinese entitled Six Imperfect Ways of Faith was published in July 2020.
  • Six Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth and Jürgen Moltmann, published in July 2020, was Dr Hong Liang, Assistant Professor (Theological Studies)’s new book in Chinese.


Finance Update

  • We thank and trust our God for His faithfulness in providing the School's financial needs in this time of uncertainty. Departments are now planning the ministry development and budget for 2021. We pray that God will give all department heads wisdom as they embark on a new year of ministries.


General Fund Financial Report

Jan to Jul., 2020

General Fund    
     Donations   1,966,102 
     Tuition & other income         1,544,817 
Expenditure   (3,452,401)
Surplus     58,518 
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Jul, 2020         US$ 849,999 


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