News Update

Graduate School

  • This year’s Dedication Camp on March 14 was transformed into an online event. Dr Kelvin Yu, Assistant Professor (Biblical Studies), shared his message, with dialogue among other faculty members and participants. May God use the message and sharings to bless the participants and lead them in searching for their path in theological education.
  • The new Programs of Postgraduate Diploma for Pastors in Counselling (PgDip(C)) and Master of Christian Marriage and Family Counselling (MCMFC) will be launched this September.
  • We pray for the applicants who are being considered for the upcoming new school year.  May God direct the selection process and give wisdom to the Admission Committee members.


  • From April to June, CGST library increases the number of eBook acquisition to fulfill our users' online education needs.  360 titles of ebooks were purchased, including 2 new ebook collections (T&T Clark Jesus Library and T&T Clark Theology Library), which are provided via the platform of Theology and Religion Online.
  • In addition, different publishers offered free electronic resources for CGST students, faculty and staff to have full access, including: 1. the entire ebooks of Bloomsbury Collection until May 31, 2020; 2. Theology and Religion Online until May 31, 2020; 3. Cambridge University Press Free Online Access Ebooks until May 31, 2020; 4. Academic Search Ultimate e-journal database (free trial), published by EBSCO until June 30, 2020; and 5. De Gruyter over 75,000 DRM-free ebooks (without Digital Rights Management) until June 30, 2020, to support CGST online research, learning and teaching during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

  • In the Apr-Jun term there were 1,360 enrollments to our TEE courses.  Due to the pandemic, all classes were conducted online.
  • TEE offered an online course on Isaiah 28-39 taught by Rev Dr Stephen Lee, President and Lam Ko Kit Tak Professor (Biblical Studies), free of charge between April 6 and May 3 for Chinese Christians worldwide in this time of uncertainty and lockdown.
  • TEE also offered a series of four online Sunday school classes in the month of April for Chinese churches to keep on learning God’s word in this trying time. President Stephen Lee, Dr Kelvin Yu, Assistant Professor (Biblical Studies), Dr Simon Cheung, Associate Dean and Henry Co See Cho Associate Professor (Biblical Studies), and Dr Johnson Yip, Director of TEE, taught the Sunday school classes respectively.

Word of Life Bible Study Ministry (WOL)

  • A series of online learning in the format of 5-week webinars were relaunched with different time zones in South Pacific, Europe, and North America between April 7 and May 8, with 4 sessions each week. More than 8,000 brothers and sisters have registered to the first week webinar.
  • The new Putonghua edition of online learning in the same format of 5-week webinars was launched globally between April 21 and May 20, with 2 sessions each week.
  • The second series of 5-week online learning webinars will be launched from May 12 to June 12, with 6 sessions each week.
  • May the word of God strengthen the faith of brothers and sisters.

Alumni Online Gathering

  • An alumni sharing on “From Social Movement to Pandemic-Listen to The Lord for What He Reveals to Christians Today” hosted by Rev Timothy Au, Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) was held on April 27.

Online Public Events

  • Four public events were held online between March 30 and April 20 to address the challenges of our current situation today.
  • The public lecture on the “New Normal Under the Epidemic-Rethinking the Mission of the Church” was held via Facebook Live on March 30. Dr Harry Hui, Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong, Dr Charles Ka-Yui Leung, Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, City University of Hong Kong, Rev Dr Michael Chu, CGST Vice President and Assistant Professor (Practical Studies), and Dr Bernard Wong, CGST Associate Dean and Assistant Professor (Theological Studies) were the speakers.
  • An online public lecture on “Data Analysis of Church Dropouts-Interpreting Church Data Survey” was held on April 6, speakers including Dr Harry Hui, Rev Dr Michael Chu, and Dr Bernard Wong.
  • “When Pandemic Becomes Part of Daily Life” was the title of another online live seminar on marketplace ministry. The event was held on April 17 and Dr Jean Lee, Dean and Abundant Grace Associate Professor (Theological Studies), marketplace alumni Dr Jeffrey Yau, together with our two Faculty-in-Preparation, Mr Alex Yeung and Ms Fanny Ko, were the speakers.
  • A public lecture on the “Integration of Faith and Counselling” was held online on April 20, with speakers including Dr Raymond Au, Carson and Virginia Mok Professor (Counselling Studies), Ms Ellie Chan, retired Faculty, and our alumni Mrs Liu Wong Po Shan, Ms May Lai, and Mr Patrick Kung.
  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung, Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) shared 5 sessions of Lent Devotion Series amist pandemic situation via the Facebook CGST Page from March 17 to April 10. May God use Dr Pan’s message to bless brothers and sisters globally via the internet during this difficult time.


  • Ms Li Wing-Ting (MDiv 13) passed her oral examination on her doctroal thesis on March 16. “The Significance of ‘Strophic Structure’ in Hebrew Poetry with Specific Reference to the Book of Lamentations” is her thesis’ title.
  • Ms Celine Yeung (MCS 10) passed her oral examination on her doctroal thesis at Princeton Theological Seminary on April 24. “Received by Christ: A Reworking of the Reformed Theology of the Lord’s Supper” is the title of her thesis.


  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung’s new book in Chinese entitled Spiritual Companionship in Life Journey was published by Christian Communications Ltd in March 2020.
  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung published an article “The Feminine Spirituality of St. Teresa: Ascending to God by Descending in Humility” in the Asia Pacific Mission Studies (APMS) Vol. 2, No. 1 (2020): 78-100.

Finance Update

  • We thank God for providing the School's financial needs in the past year. Facing the uncertainties ahead, CGST has adopted rigorous and prudent measures to manage our budget in the coming months. And we continue to trust in the good hand of our God for His guidance and faithfulness.


General Fund Financial Report

Jan to Dec., 2019

General Fund    
     Donations   3,719,725 
     Tuition & other income    3,455,018 
Expenditure   (6,557,903)
Surplus     616,840 
Depreciation     (884,955)
Deficit for  2019     (268,115)
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Feb, 2020 US$ 970,141 

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