Paul's viewpoint on God, Israel,
and the Gentiles in Romans 9-11

Xiaxia E. Xue

Assistant Professor (Biblical Studies)

Langham Monographs, Carlisle,
Cumbria UK, 2015.

Xiaxia Xue has written an important and challenging book on intertextuality in Romans 9-11... she fully embraces both the dialogical nature of intertexts and the role that a robust theory of linguistics can play in engaging such interactive voices. I warmly recommend this book as providing a major step forward both in method and in understanding how Paul creates his argument in this important part of his letter to the Romans. This is a book to be read and contemplated.
Stanley E. Porter 
Dean and Professor of New Testament,
Roy A. Hope Chair in Christian Worldview,
McMaster Divinity College
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