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Graduate School

  • This semester in-campus lectures have been converted to online classes due to the heightened threat of the novel coronavirus outbreak. May God grant wisdom to faculty members and students as they embark on a new way of learning in this challenging time.



  • CGST has subscribed to 113,500 titles of ebooks for faculty members and students. Especially under the coronavirus epidemic, we have increased the purchase of ebooks in order to meet the online educational needs of patrons. From January to March 2020, CGST library will purchase a total of 360 new ebooks including 4 new ebook collections (Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity Online and 3 Bloomsbury ebook collections in Theology and Biblical Studies).


Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

  • In this Spring term there were 1,382 enrollments to our TEE courses. In-class teaching has been suspended since January 29, and all remaining classes are offered online for the remainder of this term.


Word of Life Bible Study Ministry (WOL)

  • Classes of the 2020 first quarter with more than 11,000 students from 36 sites in Hong Kong have been cancelled as a result of the novel coronavirus situation. A series of online learning pilot in the format of 5-week webinars was launched between February and March, with 3 sessions each week. Totally 9,000 brothers and sisters had registered to the first week’s webinars that were held on February 18, 20, and 21 respectively.


Lectures for Alumni

  • A workshop on Techniques of Body-Oriented Emotion Regulation conducted by Ms Stella Siu was organized on December 19, 2019 for alumni and students majoring in Counselling studies.
  • CGST launched a “Journeying with the First-Time pastor alumni program” last year to provide support and guidance to CGST alumni who have engaged in full time church ministry as a first-time pastor. The introductory session of this year’s program was held on January 13.
  • A heartfelt sharing of our Honorary Chaplain Rev Philip Yeung with CGST alumni was held on January 20. Rev Yeung shared his journey of illness and healing as well as his faith experience, which has enriched and inspired the attendees.


Public Lectures

  • The Josiah S Mann Lectures on Pastorlia were held between January 15 and 16, speakers included overseas International School Teacher Ms Joanie Yeung, Doctoral candidate of International Relations in Middle Asia region Mr Ho Ka-Wai, Lecturer of Fu Jen Catholic University and Chung Yuan Christian University Dr Peng Su-eing, CGST Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) Dr Suanne So and Samuel who have worked in West Asia for 20 years. The theme of the lectures was about Chinese sojourners living among diversity-Chinese who live in racially-diversed regions, telling stories of Muslims from various backgrounds and regions in the changing times and sharing their discoveries. The lectures enriched our knowledge and understanding of these unfamiliar neighbors.
  • The February and April 2020 public lectures commemorating the 45th Anniversary of CGST have been rescheduled as a precautionary measure of the novel coronavirus outbreak. We now plan to host the six international academic public lectures between September 2020 and April 2021 in Hong Kong.


Faculty Engagements

  • To commemorate the 45th Anniversary of CGST, the planning for sending our 17 faculty members to visit 27 cities in five countries including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK to conduct Revival Seminars and serve local Chinese churches has been rescheduled in view of the novel coronavirus outbreak worldwide. We now plan for the Revival Seminars to be held between November 2020 and June 2021.



  • Our Faculty Affairs Committee has approved to appoint three alumni as our Faculty-in-Preparation in Marketplace Theology: Mr Alex Yeung (MCS (MT) 14), Ms Fanny Ko (MCS (MT) 17), and Mr Louis Yau (MCS (MT) 19). May God lead them as they prepare for their further studies.



  • Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) Dr Pan Yi-Jung published an article “Transforming Christian Spirituality: Hermeneutical Method and Methodology”in the Mysterion 12, Issue no. 2 (Dec. 2019).
  • Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) Rev Timothy Au’s new book in Chinese entitled Let Christ be the Head of Our Home was published by VW Link in January 2020.


Finance Update

  • We thank God for providing the School's financial needs in the past year, through churches, brothers and sisters' loving support. Our 2020 donation need is US$ 4,000,000. We pray that God will strengthen our faith and supply us abundantly for this year.


General Fund Financial Report

Oct to Nov., 2019

General Fund    
     Donations   643,393 
     Tuition & other income         494,806 
Expenditure   (1,036,002)
Surplus     102,197 
Surplus from Jan to Sep 2019         5,164 
Accumulated Surplus       107,361 
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Nov, 2019         US$ 1,052,892 


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