Campus News

The President Office

  • October 13: President Stephen Lee attended the 2nd Presidents and Deans Exchange Forum of Hong Kong Theological Education Association in 2018-19 at CGST.
  • October 26-28: President Lee preached at the Southern California Chinese Churches Joint Bible Revival Meetings in Los Angeles.
  • November 2-10: President Lee attended the Annual General Meeting of the CGST US Board in Los Angeles between the 2nd and 3rd. He also preached at the CGST Night Revival Meeting on the 3rd. President Lee then went to Toronto to preach at the CGST Night Revival Meeting on the 6th and attended the Annual General Meeting of the CGST Canadian Board on the 10th respectively.


Faculty Engagements

  • September 13-14: Rev Dr Song Jun attended a Symposium at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, and shared a topic on current situation and issues of house churches from personal stories. He further went to Kanazawa to attend another Symposium on history of Christianity in Japan and presented a paper on the development and challenge of Christianity in China-centered in house churches since the Open Door Policy of China.
  • September 18-19: Dr Hong Liang attended the Professor Miroslav Volf Conference in Shanghai.
  • September 27 & November 15: Rev Dr Kin-Yip Louie was invited by The Society for Truth and Light to lecture on their 2018 sex and ethics courses.
  • September: Dr Xue Xiaxia published an article “The Community as Union with Christ in the Midst of Conflict: An Ecclesiology of the Pauline Letters from a Chinese Perspective.” The Church from Every Tribe and Tongue: Ecclesiology in the Majority World. Edited by Gene L. Green, Steven Pardue and K. K. Yeo. Carlisle: Langham global library, 2018.
  • September: Dr Bernard Wong’s book in Chinese Communio: A Biblical Reflection on Relationship and Community was published by the Fellowship of Evangelical Students Hong Kong.
  • October 1: Dr Kasper Wong accepted the invitation of the Chinese Rhenish Church-Tai Po to preach at their Bible camp. Dr Wong gave a senus of expositions on the Epistle to the Romans.
  • October 13: Dean Dr Jean Lee attended the 2nd Presidents and Deans Exchange Forum of Hong Kong Theological Education Association in 2018-19 at CGST, during which Dr Lee shared CGST new curriculum development.
  • October 19: Dr Raymond Au accepted the invitation of The Society for Truth and Light to speak at a seminar on letting children integrate into the remarriage of the parents.
  • October 26: Dr Pan Yi-Jung was invited by the Association of Christian Publishers to conduct a cultural talk at the 34th Christian Book Fair. Dr Pan shared about spiritual formation in the metropolitan.
  • October 29-Nov 2: Dr Bernard Wong went to Panama City to attend the ICETE's 2018 International Consultation hosted by the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE). “The Sacred/Secular Divide and Theological Education” was the theme of the Consultation.
  • October 31: Dr Jean Lee accepted the invitation of the Banking Evangelistic Fellowship to share at their gospel luncheon. She talked about the secrets of peace and contentment in marketplace.
  • November 1: Dr Jean Lee was invited by Hong Kong Christian Short Term Mission Training Center to preach at their 2018 marketplace mission annual conference. Shine for Jesus in the Marketplace was the topic of her message.
  • November 8: Dr Pan Yi-Jung accepted the invitation of the VW Link to attend a seminar on theological aesthetics and spirituality. She also had a dialogue with Dr Daniel Chio at the seminar.
  • November 8: Dr Kasper Wong was invited by One Circle worship gospel platform to give lecture at their 2nd GLOW young servant leadership training program.
  • November 15-21: Dr Jean Lee visited Washington DC to conduct public lectures and workshop on marketplace. She also shared CGST vision and ministry updates at a local church and met with local regional council members and supporters.
  • November 16-20: Dr Xue Xiaxia attended the meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Denver, the US. She was also invited to present a paper at the Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics session. “Mood and Ideology in Galatians 1-2” was the title of the paper.


Staff News

  • November 15-20: Mr Kwok-Kuen Leung, Director of Word of Life Ministry, and Mr Geoffrey Ng, Associate Director of Word of Life Ministry, visited London and Manchester, the UK. Mr Leung preached at revival meetings and Sunday Services.


Prayer Requests

  1. May God give teachers strength and wisdom as they teach the Winter Intensive courses in January 2019. May the students be edified through the courses.
  2. Departments are now planning next year’s ministry development. Pray that God will give all department heads wisdom as they embark on a new year of ministries.
  3. Pray that God may continue to guide those who will attend the forthcoming Dedication Camp in February 2019 to discern their vocation and calling from above.


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General Fund Financial Report

Aug to Oct, 2018

General Fund    
     Donations   655,418
     Tuition & other income         773,291
Expenditure   (1,697,344)
Deficit     (268,635)
Surplus from Jan to Jul 2018     124,550
Accumulated Deficit     (144,085)
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Oct, 2018         US$ 1,380,446


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