Campus News

The President Office

  • July 14: President Emeritus Carver Yu was invited by Chinese Christian Literature Council to speak at one of their “Bible and Contemporary World Series” faith and culture seminars. Rev Dr Yu spoke on the topic “Bible vs Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.
  • August 22-24: Vice President Luke Cheung accepted an invitation from Evangel Seminary to speak at their revival meetings commencing the academic year.
  • September 5-6: President Stephen Lee was invited to preach at the revival meetings for the beginning of the school year of Holy Light Theological Seminary in Kaohsiung.
  • September 6: President Emeritus Wilson Chow and Vice President Luke Cheung attended the memorial service of Elder Xianwei Fu, Chairperson of the National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, at Moore Memorial Church in Shanghai.


Faculty Engagements

  • July: Dr Xue Xiaxia’s doctoral thesis Paul’s Viewpoint on God, Israel, and the Gentiles in Romans 9-11: An Intertextual Thematic Analysis (Langham Monographs, 2015) was translated into Chinese and published by Tien Dao Publishing House.
  • July: The new book Art and Spirituality: Exodus written by Dr Pan Yi Jung with 40 pieces of Chinese paintings by Mr Huang Zhanyuan was published by Milk and Honey Arts Foundation.
  • July 5-6: Dr Pan Yi Jung, Dr Hong Liang, and Rev Dr Song Jun were invited to attend The 5th Carmel International Symposium co-organized by Hong Kong Baptist University and Alliance Bible Seminary. “Humanities and Nature: Conflict and Integration of World Views” was the theme of the Symposium. Dr Pan presented a paper on the conflict and integration from Thomas Merton’s anthropology and world view; Dr Hong presented a paper on theology of the cross in the Heidelberg Disputation and its contemporary interpretations.
  • July 6, 13, 20: Rev Dr Kin-Yip Louie accepted an invitation from Christian Times to give lectures on the postmodern view of Thomas Aquinas’ theology in the medieval period.
  • July 15: Rev Dr Michael Chu was invited by Houston Chinese Church to preach at their Sunday Service and conduct a seminar on equipping church leaders of the modern times.
  • July 26: Dr Joyce Sun accepted the invitation to speak at the New Testament Bible study class coorganized by Hong Kong Ling Liang Church and Ming Dao Press. Dr Sun preached on 1 Timothy.
  • July 27: Dr Xue Xiaxia was invited by The Worldwide Bible Society to lead a seminar on Paul’s Viewpoint on God, Israel, and the Gentiles in Romans 9-11.
  • August: Dean Dr Jean Lee was appointed as Abundance Grace Associate Professor.
  • August: Dr Raymond Au was promoted to Professor (Counseling Studies).
  • August: Dr Joyce Sun was promoted to Associate Professor (Biblical Studies).
  • August 4-6: Rev Dr Song Jun accepted an invitation from the Lord's Grace Church to speak at their Summer retreat camp in Vancouver, Canada.
  • August 10: Ms Wance Chan-Kwan was invited by The Ark Community to lead a seminar on Healing amidst Disabilities at Breakthrough Youth Village.
  • August 11: Dr Tracy Lo attended the American Psychological Association Convention 2018 in San Francisco. “The Relationship of Spirituality with Compassion and Generosity among Young Adults in Hong Kong” was the topic of Dr Lo’s paper presented at the Convention.
  • August 2018-January 2019: Dr Pan Yi Jung is on leave for research writing.
  • September 4: Dr Jean Lee accepted an invitation from Central Gospel Mission to speak at their exchange forum with pastors on marketplace ministry.
  • September 4-11: Dr Pan Ji-Yung was invited by Nanjing Union Theological Seminary to teach a course of their Doctor of Ministry program on counselling technique-pastoral counselling and spiritual direction in Nanjing, during which Dr Pan also supervised their doctoral candidates.
  • September 8: Rev Dr Kin-Yip Louie accepted an invitation from Rapha Foundation to speak at one of the workshops of their 2018 Annual Meeting on holistic healing. Attachment to the internet world was the topic of his sharing.


Staff News

  • July 12-22: Mr Daniel Law, Director of Development, visited Sydney, Australia to have meeting with the Australian Board and supporters. • August 24-September 4: Mr Leung Kwok-Kuen, Director of Word of Life Ministry (WOL), and Mr Geoffrey Ng, Associate Director of WOL, visited Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, the US, to lead revival meetings, ministry sharing sessions, conduct Bible study trial lesson and preach at Sunday services.


Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for our new students. May God strengthen their hearts for ministry, and help them ready to be equipped through vigorous divinity trainings starting in September.
  2. Pray for our faculty. May God give them extra strength and wisdom as they begin teaching the new curriculum for our Graduate School.
  3. Pray for our campus redevelopment project funding needs. The additional budget for 2018 is US$520,000.


Electronic Donation Receipt

  • In order to reduce paper consumption and save the environment, and effective September 2017, the donation receipts are to be sent out via email. If you do not have an email address or prefer receiving the donation receipt by post, please inform us and we shall arrange for you accordingly. Thank you for caring about the environment.


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General Fund Financial Report

May to Jul, 2018

General Fund    
     Donations   1,134,249
     Tuition & other income         727,418
Expenditure   (1,640,352)
Surplus     221,315
Deficit from Jan to Apr 2018     (96,765)
Accumulated Surplus     124,550
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Jul, 2018         US$ 1,461,181


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