40th Anniversary Revival Meeting "What is Your plan for me in the next 20 years? 'My Dear Millennials, you are my witnesses.'"

Lam Shuk-Han
MDiv 2005


As part of the 40th Anniversary activity series, “My Dear Millennials, you are my witnesses” was the theme of our Revival Meeting that posed a challenging question to the Millennial Generation: “What is Your plan for me in the next 20 years?”


The revival meeting at Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church on September 25 evening brought together 1,600 young believers. The event was kicked off by CGST students leading the singspiration. Dr Joseph Sung Jao-Yiu, Vice Chancellor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, who is well aware of selfie trends, challenged each participant to shift their focus from only a "Me Me Me" generation, to put the focal point on the eyes of God, reminding them not to become so well-adjusted to their culture, but instead fixing their attentions on God and placing themselves before God as an offering. Dr Daniel Lee, Associate Professor of Theological Studies, preached from Martin Luther's "On Christian Liberty," to illustrate the lives and freedom of being torn down and rebuilt in Christ.

The Chung Brothers, a local Christian music group that is highly-acclaimed in jazz & blues and Gospel music, performed their composed canton-contemporary songs, encouraging young people to look upon the wisdom of the Lord, serving as salt and light against the current of the times. Ms Wance Kwan, our Assistant Professor of Practical Studies, prompted young people to establish “New Expectations”, “New Insights”, “A New Race” and “A New Way”. Finally, Dr Simon Cheung, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, spoke about the fall of the Kingdom of Israel as a backdrop, encouraging and reminding our young believers that in the turbulence of the era “we are not chosen by the times, but chosen by the Lord to become the testimony for the times”. He advised we should listen to His Word, affirm the mission that is entrusted by Him, become the message of the age, and give testimony about His authenticity.

The revival meeting was concluded with hymn-singing, urging youngsters to respond to the Lord's call, and becoming His witness of the times. May the Lord strengthen their aspirations by guiding them every step of the way, and send them to be His witnesses.


Daniel Lee

Joseph Sung

The Chung Brothers

Wance Chan

Simon Cheung

Worship Team

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