Campus News

The President Office

  • President Stephen Lee was invited by Hong Kong Baptist University to be one of four speakers of the Month of Religion and Philosophy Lecture Series on October 5. He spoken on “Social Justice in the Old Testament.”
  • President Lee led the joint revival meetings hosted by the Greater Los Angeles Chinese Ministerial Association from October 9 to 11, during which he gave an address at the Luncheon hosted by CGST Los Angeles Regional Council.
  • President Lee was invited by the Chinese Christian Union Church in Chicago to speak at the seminar commemorating the 100th anniversary of the church between October 17 and 18. He also preached at the Centennial joint Sunday service.
  • President Lee was invited by the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Council to be the keynote speaker of the 21st Revival Meeting Conference from November 1 to 7.
  • President Lee attended the CGST 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, the last event of the series of four, at Westminster Theologial Seminary in Philadelphia between November 12 and 16. During this time he also took part in the annual general meetings of the US and Canadian Boards.
  • Vice President Kang Phee Seng attended the Symposium commemorates the 100th anniversary of Anglican Bishop Ding Guangxun’s birth and Development of Chinese Christianity in Beijing between September 22 and 24. He also presented a paper during the symposium.
  • Vice President Luke Cheung went to Beijing between October 14 and 16 and Singapore from October 28 to 31, to participate in Asia Theological Association’s evaluation work for program accreditation.
  • Vice President Cheung taught the Books of 1 and 2 Peters at the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary between October 21 and 23.
  • Presidents Emeritii Wilson Chow and Carver Yu together with their spouses attended the 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service in Philadelphia on November 14.


Faculty Engagements

  • Dr Jean Lee, Marketplace Ministry Coordinator Ms Angela Chiu and 2 alumni attended the “Transform Our World” Global Conference in San Jose between October 9 and 19, during which they also spoke at the marketplace revival meetings in San Francisco and San Jose organized by local Regional Councils.
  • Dr Joyce Sun attended and presented a paper at the 2015 War and Peace International Colloquium: Religious Perspectives” hosted by Alliance Bible Seminary from October 30 to 31.
  • Dr Annie Pan Yi Jung was invited by the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality (SSCS) to join the editorial board of the Journal Spiritus (Johns Hopkins University) and the International Relations Ad Hoc Committee of SSCS.
  • We congratulate Dr Raymond Au for his publication 9 Essential Abilities For The New Generation which was granted the Best Book Award at the 2nd Hong Kong Golden Book Awards.
  • Dr Jean Lee’s recent essay “Challenges and Opportunities of Marketplace Ministry” was published in the book Rediscovering our calling in the workplace published by Taosheng Publishing House.
  • Dr Joyce Sun published an article “When Hospitality Encounters Fracturing: A New Testament Perspective” in Hill Road Journal Issue 35 (Jul 2015).
  • Dr Simon Cheung’s thesis Wisdom Intoned: A Reappraisal of the Genre ‘Wisdom Psalms’ was published by T&T Clark in October 2015.
  • President Emeritus Carver Yu’s The God of Extreme Mercy and Dr Jean Lee’s God’s Dwelling in the Marketplace were published by Christian Communications Ltd in October 2015.


Staff News

  • Mr Kwok Kuen Leung, Director of Word of Life Ministry, went to Calgary, Edmonton, San Francisco and San Jose between September 7 and 16 to lead revival meeting, conduct training for volunteers and preach at Sunday service.
  • We congratulate Mrs Rebecca Lai, Director of Education Initiatives, who was conferred Honorary Fellow of City University of Hong Kong on September 30.
  • We also congratulate Ms Christina Kan, Director of Administration, who received the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service granted by HKSAR Government on October 31.
  • Mr Daniel Law, Director of Development, visited CGSTUS Office in San Jose between November 9 and 11. He went on to Philadelphia to attend the annual general meetings of US and Canadian Boards as well as the 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service from 12th to 15th.


"Theology in Dialogue" Seminar

  • Organized by the Center for Faith & Public Values, the “Theology in Dialogue” Seminar was held between July 23 and 29. Participants included the Center Director Dr Kang Phee Seng, Assistant Professor Dr Bernard Wong, Dr Ng Wai Hang and Dr Kwok Wai Luen of Hong Kong Baptist University, Dr Hong Liang of Tübingen University, Dr John Chan of Alliance Bible Seminary, and Dr Qu Xutong of Beijing Normal University.



  • Dr Kevin Yao, Honorary Researcher of Chinese Culture Research Centre and Center Director Rev Dr Song Jun co-edited the publication A Watchman Vigilant in Spirit and Pure in Heart: The Study on the Thought and Ministry of Wang Weifan published by Christian Study Center on Chinese Religion & Culture in October 2015.


Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for teachers and students who are preparing for their end of semester teaching, learning, assignments, and exams. May God grant them strength and wisdom.
  2. Departments are now planning next year’s ministry development. Pray that God will give all department heads wisdom as they embark on a new year of ministries.
  3. Pray that God may continue to guide those who will attend the Dedication Camp coming up in February 2016 to discern their vocation and calling from above.


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General Fund Financial Report

Aug to Oct, 2015

General Fund    
     Donations   619,783
     Tuition & other income         828,507
Expenditure   1,697,088
     Deficit     (248,798)
Surplus from Jan to Jul 2015           191,855
Accumulated Deficit     (56,943)
Outstanding mortgage loans as at Oct, 2015         US$ 2,289,053


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