A Blessed Journey by His Grace

Stephen Lee
Lam Ko Kit Tak Professor of Biblical Studies


Three CGST Presidents visited Shanghai together. The Bible-CGST Study Edition is available for purchase at a local church book store.

During 11-14 November 2014, I attended the 20th anniversary celebration activities of the “Chinese Church Ministry Consultation” organised by the Christian Leadership Exchange. Led by Dr Danny Yu and Rev Dr Wilson Chow, 37 pastors and professors from North America and Hong Kong visited Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Beijing. Rev Dr Carver Yu could only manage to join us on the first day in Shanghai as he had to give a talk in Kuala Lumpur.

The first Consultation was held in April, 1994 in Hangzhou. Rev Dr Wilson Chow and Dean Rev Lawrence Chan attended that on behalf of CGST.  Rev Chow could still remember it vividly: “We went to Nanjing Union Theological Seminary after the meeting and visited Principal K H Ting. That started the exchange between CGST and seminaries in Mainland China, and initiated our compilation of The Bible—CGST Study Edition (in Chinese) which was subsequently published in Mainland China by China Christian Council as a reference tool for local pastors and Christians. (Danny Yu, Breaking Down the Dividing Wall: Christianity and a Chinese Society in Transition. Beijing: China Religious Culture Publisher, 2007, Preface 3)


The delegation from North America and Hong Kong visited Nanjing Union Theological Seminary.

In the past two decades, by God’s grace and through the connections of our Chinese Culture Research Center, CGST has started academic exchanges with Christian scholars and researchers in Mainland universities. We have also made some contributions in the training of teachers from seminaries in Mainland China. Beginning summer of 2004, CGST has welcomed pastors and leaders of Mainland churches to enroll in our Putonghua Intensive Theological Training Programs. They are able to further their studies in the areas of biblical studies, theological studies, pastoral ministry, and missiological studies. Their participation in spiritual formation groups and retreats also enable them to be nurtured and grow. Looking back, we are amazed that the over 200 students and alumni from Mainland China have come from provinces spread across most parts of China. This indeed is the gracious guidance of our Lord. We are unworthy servants, we have only done what was our duty.


President Emeritus & Mrs Wilson Chow went to Egret Park, Suzhou; behind them is Dushu Lake Christian Church, located at the Suzhou Industrial Park district.

Just before school year 2014-2015 began, our Faculty-in-Preparation Dr Esther Xue (MCS 07/ThM 10) graduated from McMaster Divinity College and returned to CGST. Esther was a graduate of FuJian Normal University and Renmin University of China, and has joined CGST as Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies (New Testament). The current research students in our Doctor of Philosophy programs also consist of teachers from Mainland theological schools and leaders from Mainland churches. Over the recent years, although the budget of the “China Mainland Theological Education Fund” has increased over the years, we have never been short of donations from brothers and sisters in Christ. We truly experience the faithfulness of our Lord.

Having retired from Presidency since August 2013, Rev Dr Carver Yu gave lectures twice in Hangzhou and Nanjing last year. Vice President Rev Dr Luke Cheung also taught classes regularly in Guangzhou every year. Then only did we realise that the Lord has always put a burden in the hearts of our faculty team, so much so that many of our faculty members have been frequently travelling to, or even have moved to, places in Mainland China to serve and take part in the theological education in China, offering our good, faithful and humble service.

Over the past 20 years, each step that CGST has taken in the footsteps of the Lord has been filled with praises for our Lord, testifying that it is indeed a blessed journey by His grace.


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