News Update

Graduate School

  • The Doctor of Ministry Program began the first class on October 5.


Theological Education for All Christians (TEACh)

  • TEACh was established in September to provide non-degree theological education for Christians. TEACh ministries include Theological Education by Extension (TEE), Word of Life Ministry (WOL) and the newly-launched Sunday School. These ministries make use of our available resources to collaborate with churches for the nurturing of believers.



  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung, Assistant Professor (Practical Studies), was appointed “Lam Ko Kit Tak Assistant Professor” effective September 1.


Endowment Fundraising

  • We are thankful to the gift of Sing Yui King Legacy Trust and donors from Australia, Canada, the US and Hong Kong to establish the S Y King endowed chair. Our Board endorsed the nomination of President Bernard Wong for “S Y King Associate Professor.”
  • We are thankful to the CGST US Board to establish the Carver Yu endowed chair, at the same time we express our gratitude to the donors in the US for their support. Our Board endorsed the nomination of Dr Joyce Sun for “Carver Yu Associate Professor.””


General Fund Financial Report

Jul. to Sep., 2021

General Fund    
     Donations   563,412 
     Tuition & other income         709,358 
Expenditure   (1,496,779)
Deficit     (224,009)
Surplus from Jan to Jun 2021         99,050
Accumulated Deficit     (124,959)
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Sep 2021         US$ 469,692 


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