Campus News

The President Office

  • October 11: Vice President Chu and Acting Dean Simon Cheung attended the 2nd meeting of Hong Kong Theological Education Association in 2019-20.
  • November 18-19: President Lee and Director of Education Initiatives Mrs Rebecca Lai attended the 2019 Theological Symposium hosted by Lutheran Theological Seminary. “Theological Education: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” was the theme of the Symposium. Mrs Lai presented a paper entitled “Building up a Community of Reflective Collaborators.”



  • October 4: We extend our deep sympathy to the family and friends of Rev Chan Hay Him, former Lecturer and Board member of CGST, went to be with The Lord. The memorial service was held at the Methodist International Church on November 9.


Faculty Engagements

  • July: Associate Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Joyce Sun and Assistant Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Xue Xiaxia published their articles “The Suffering Messiah as Christian Ingroup Prototype in 1 Peter” and “Paul's Messianic Idea in the Letter to the Romans” in Hill Road 43 (July, 2019) respectively.
  • July: Dr Xue Xiaxia published an article “An Analysis of James 2:14-26: With Special Reference to the Intertextual Reading of Abraham and Rahab” in The Epistle of James: Linguistic Exegesis of an Early Christian Letter (edited by James Dvorak and Zachary Dawson) July, 2019.
  • September 1: Eleanor and Wayne Chiu Associate Professor (Theological Studies) Dr Daniel Lee was promoted to the rank of full professor.
  • September 21: Dean and Abundant Grace Associate Professor (Theological Studies) Dr Jean Lee, during her leave for research writing, attended the CGST Canadian Board Annual General Meeting in Toronto and conducted marketplace seminar and workshop in local Chinese churches.
  • September 24-28: Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) Dr Pan Yi-Jung attended the 2019 Conference on the Study of Spirituality and Spiritual Theology co-hosted by the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality and Forum of Professors of Spiritual Theology in La Pontificia Università Antonianum of Rome, Italy. Dr Pan presented a paper entitled “Transforming Christian Spirituality: Hermeneutical Method and Methodology” and the theme of the Conference was “Evolving Research Methodologies.”
  • October: Vocation as Narratives, co-authored by Dr Jean Lee and CGST alumnus Mr Alex Yeung, was published by Christian Communications Ltd.
  • October 23-26: Faculty-in-Preparation and CGST alumnus Ms Celine Yeung (MCS 10) attended the conference at the Catholic University of Leuven. The theme of the conference was Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology: Theos and Polis: Political Theology as Discernment. Ms Yeung presented a paper “Feast before my Enemies - Rediscovering the Socio-Political Dimensions of the Eucharist.”
  • October 24-November 1: Dr Pan Yi-Jung was invited by Nanjing Union Theological Seminary to lead a Forum for Doctor of Ministry candidate and to conduct a public lecture on Pre-marital Counselling.
  • November 10-13: Dr Bernard Wong attended the Collaboration Council meeting of the Northeast Asia Reconciliation Initiative and preached at the Sunday Worship Service of Covenant of Grace Church in Tokyo.
  • November 22-25: Dr Pan Yi-Jung attended the 2019 Annual Meeting hosted by the American Academy of Religion in San Diego. She was also nominated as the Board member of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality and was invited to attend the International Relations Committee and the Editorial Board of Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality.


Staff News

  • September 16-October 3: Word of Life Ministry Director Mr Kwok-Kuen Leung, Associate Director Mr Geoffrey Ng and Ministry Coordinator Ms Cathy Lau and Assistant Coordinator Ms Pauly Tsang went to the USA, Canada and the UK to meet with the students. During the visit, Mr Leung also led revival meetings, conducted Bible study trial lesson and preached at Sunday Services.
  • November 8-9: Director of Development Mr Daniel Law and Associate Director of Word of Life Ministry Mr Geoffrey Ng attended the Annual Board Meeting of CGST US Board in Houston.


Prayer Requests

  1. May God give lecturers strength and wisdom as they teach the Winter Intensive courses in January 2020. May the students be edified through the courses.
  2. Departments are now planning next year’s ministry development. Pray that God will give all department heads wisdom as they embark on a new year of ministries.
  3. Pray that God may continue to guide those who will at tend the Dedication Camp in February 2020 to discern their vocation and calling from above.
  4. Pray for Hong Kong at this critical time. May God help us to be determined to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and grant us the gifts of wisdom and discernment that together we may find a way ahead to live in peace as fellow citizens.


Electronic Donation Receipt

  • In order to reduce paper consumption and save the environment, and effective September 2017, the donation receipts are to be sent out via email. If you do not have an email address or prefer receiving the donation receipt by post, please inform us and we shall arrange for you accordingly. Thank you for caring about the environment.


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General Fund Financial Report

Aug to Sep., 2019

General Fund    
     Donations   445,345 
     Tuition & other income         672,089 
Expenditure   (1,073,833)
Surplus     43,601 
Deficit from Jan to Jul 2019         (38,437)
Accumulated Surplus       5,164 
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Sep, 2019         US$ 1,100,029 


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