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The President Office

  • April 16: Vice President Luke Cheung was invited by Taipo Baptist Church Equipping Center to speak at their seminar on the view of ghosts and gods in the New Testament.
  • April 25-28: President Stephen Lee accepted the invitation of Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship to speak at their 47th Greater Vancouver Revival Meeting, during which he also visited Regent College, Carey Theological College and CGST supporters.
  • April 28: Vice President Luke Cheung attended the opening service of the 17th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) in Hong Kong.
  • May 22: President Stephen Lee, Vice President Luke Cheung, Associate Deans Dr Simon Cheung and Dr Bernard Wong, as well as Associate Director of Word of Life Ministry Mr Geoffrey Ng visited the National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China and the China Christian Council in Shanghai.
  • May 24-26: President Stephen Lee was invited by Hong Kong Ling Liang Church to preach at their 60th Anniversary Revival Meeting and Joint Thanksgiving Service.



  • President Emeritus Rev Dr Carver Yu was conferred Doctor of Divinity honoris causa by McMaster Divinity College at their Service of Celebration and Convocation on May 21.


Faculty Engagements

  • March: Carson & Virginia Mok Professor (Counselling Studies) Dr Raymond Au’s new book in Chinese on authentic self was published by Enlighten & Fish Ltd.
  • March 1: Heavenly Blessings Associate Professor (Theological Studies) Rev Dr Kin-yip Louie accepted the invitation from The Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy to be one of the speakers at their 2019 Christian Economists Forum. The theme of the Forum was about the economic and social integration of Mainlanders and the role of Church in Hong Kong.
  • March 1, 8, 15, and 22: Rev Dr Kin-yip Louie was invited by China Alliance Press to conduct a seminar series on the books of Judges and Kings.
  • March 23-24: Dean and Abundant Grace Associate Professor (Theological Studies) Dr Jean Lee, together with Marketplace Alumni Iris Ma and Jeffrey Yau, accepted the invitation from Evangelical Free Church of China (EFCC) Yan Fook Church Friday Growth Fellowship to lead their Bible study camp on marketplace disciples.
  • April 4: Carson & Virginia Mok Professor (Counselling Studies) Dr Raymond Au was invited by Family Blessing Missionary – ministry for single parents – to be one of the speaks at their dedication ceremony and seminar on church ministry for single parents.
  • April 8-12: Rev Dr Kin-yip Louie accepted the invitation to teach an overview of Christianity in China at the Kampen Theological University, Holland.
  • April 12-13: Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) Rev Timothy Au, Associate Deanand Assistant Professor (Theological Studies) Dr Bernard Wong and Assistant Professor (Practical Studies) Dr Pan Yi-Jung were invited by Alliance Bible Seminary to speaker at their 120th Anniversary Conference on shaping the future of Hong Kong Church. On the 12th, Rev Au spoke at the session about pastoral succession and ordination; On the 13th, Dr Wong and Dr Pan spoke at the sessions on the Church development stagnant as well as Christian life and spiritual growth respectively.
  • April 14: Associate Dean and Henry Co See Cho Associate Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Simon Cheung was invited by Christian & Missionary Alliance Abundant Church to lead their Bible study day. “Prayer・Dark Mode” was the theme of the Bible study.
  • April 19-20: Associate Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Joyce Sun was invited by Christian & Missionary Alliance Shatin Church to lead their Bible camp.
  • May 4: Dr Jean Lee attended the 1st Presidents and Deans Exchange Forum of Hong Kong Theological Education Association in 2019-20.
  • May 8: Dr Jean Lee was invited by Prudential Christian Fellowship to conduct a workshop on marketplace ethics.
  • May 8: Assistant Professor (Counselling Studies) Dr Tracy Lo was invited by The Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions to be the respondent at their seminar on nurturing healthy missionaries.
  • May 9: Dr Pan Yi-Jung was invited to conduct a seminar hosted by VW Link and Hong Kong Evangelical Yan Yue Church on the writings of Dallas Willard.
  • May 17-19: Dr Pan Yi-Jung was invited by Nanjing Union Theological Seminary to lead the Doctor of Ministry candidates’ symposium in Nanjing.
  • May 24: Dr Simon Cheung conducted a seminar on authentic prayers hosted by Ming Dao Press.
  • May 24-26: Dr Raymond Au was invited by Kowloon City Baptist Church to speak at their 80th Anniversary Evangelical Meeting.
  • May 30: Dr Simon Cheung was invited by The Education University of Hong Kong Christian Faith and Development Centre to speak at their “Reading the Old Texts Nowadays” seminar series. Dr Cheung talked about strategy of character formation from the book of Proverbs.


Staff News

  • January: Director of Theological Education by Extension Dr Kelvin Yu’s doctoral thesis Bonds and Boundaries among the Early Churches: Community Maintenance in the Letter of James and the Didache was published by Brepols Publishers.
  • March 21-April 1: Director of Word of Life Ministry Mr Kwok-Kuen Leung, and Associate Director Mr Geoffrey Ng visited Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne of Australia and Auckland of New Zealand, during which Mr Leung preached at revival meetings and Sunday Services.
  • April 24-May 14: Mr Kwok-Kuen Leung, Mr Geoffrey Ng and Assistant Coordinator of Word of Life Ministry Ms Pauly Tsang went to Los Angeles, New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago of the US, as well as Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto of Canada. During the visit, Mr Leung led revival meetings, conducted Bible study trial lesson and preached at Sunday Services.


Revival Seminar in Australia and New Zealand

  • June 8: President Stephen Lee preached at the 2019 CGST Australia and New Zealand Revival Seminar. Christian Chinese Alliance Church in Auckland, New Zealand was the hosting site, the Seminar was simulcast to 10 locations in 6 cities in Australia.


Revival Seminar in North America West Coast

  • June 8: Associate Dean and Henry Co See Cho Associate Professor (Biblical Studies) Dr Simon Cheung preached at the CGST North America West Coast Revival Seminar. The Seminar was hosted at Seattle Chinese Alliance Church, with simulcast to 5 locations in 4 cities along the west coast.


Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the class of 2019, that God will grant those entering full time ministry a humble heart to serve in faithfulness wherever God places them. Pray also for those who have completed the evening part time programs. May God use them to integrate what they have learnt and to witness Christ in their workplace.
  2. Pray for our students in field education at local churches and para-church organizations during the summer. May God strengthen their passion for pastoral ministry and mission, and may the students experience new learning lessons.
  3. Pray for the applicants who are being considered for the new school year. May God direct the selection process and give wisdom to the Admission Committee members.


Electronic Donation Receipt

  • In order to reduce paper consumption and save the environment, and effective September 2017, the donation receipts are to be sent out via email. If you do not have an email address or prefer receiving the donation receipt by post, please inform us and we shall arrange for you accordingly. Thank you for caring about the environment.


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General Fund Financial Report

Jan to Apr, 2019

General Fund    
     Donations   1,300,540 
     Tuition & other income         823,159 
Expenditure   (2,223,248)
Deficit        (99,549) 
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Apr, 2019         US$ 1,228,249 


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