Campus News

In Memoriam

  • Rev Dr Sing-Yui King, founding board chairman of China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong, went to be with our Lord on February 21, 2018 in Vancouver. On behalf of our school, President Stephen Lee attended and preached at the memorial service, which was held at the Fraser Lands Church of Vancouver on March 24.


The President Office

  • January 23-26: Vice President Luke Cheung attended the Board Meeting of Asia Theological Association in Manila, Philippines.
  • March 21: Rev Dr Luke Cheung was invited by the China Christian Council / National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China (CCC/TSPM) to attend the editorial meeting of the publication of An Introduction to the New Testament.


Faculty Engagements

  • Dr Joyce Sun’s paper in Chinese “A Reflection on the Church / Believers Going to Law before Unbelievers: An Exploration of 1 Corinthians 6:1- 11” was published in the Hill Road Journal Issue 40 (December, 2017), pp 25-42.
  • Dr Bernard Wong’s paper in Chinese “Hope in the Age of Modern Technology” was published in Jian Dao–A Journal Of Bible & Theology, Issue 49 (January 2018).
  • Dr Pan Yi-Jung published an introductory article for the Chinese translation of Walter Brueggemann’s book A Way Other Than Our Own: Devotions for Lent, published by Ming Feng Press, Hong Kong.
  • February 1-3: Rev Timothy Au visited Manila to attend the discipleship training for Chinese churches in Philippines.
  • February 3: Dr Raymond Au was invited by The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union to conduct a seminar on marriage from the perspective of Christian faith.
  • February 6: Dr Jean Lee was invited by The Hong Kong Chinese Church of Christ to share about marketplace ministry at their joint staff prayer meeting.
  • February 24: Dr Bernard Wong attended the Langham-LICC Consultation in Singapore. “Overcoming the Sacred-Secular Divide through Theological Education” was the theme of the Consultation.
  • February 28-March 6: Rev Dr Michael Chu conducted public lectures and preached at Sunday services in San Jose, the US.
  • Dr Joyce Sun is on leave for research writing from February to July 2018. During her absence, Dr Wong Ka-Leung is the Acting Librarian.
  • March 1: President Emeritus Carver Yu stepped down from his capacity as Abundant Grace Distinguished Professor. The School is grateful to Rev Dr Carver Yu for his faithful ministry and longterm service since the founding of the School.
  • March 11 and 18: Dr Pan Yi-Jung was invited by The Church of Christ in China Hop Yat Church (Hong Kong Church) to conduct two Lenten seminars.
  • March 17: Dr Raymond Au was invited by the Centre for Life and Ethics Studies of The Society for Truth and Light to share at a seminar on co-parenting.


Staff News

  • January 26-February 5: Mr Leung Kwok-Kuen, Director of Word of Life Ministry, led ministry sharing session, conducted Bible study trial lesson and revival meetings as well as preached at Sunday services in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide of Australia, and Auckland of New Zealand.
  • March 8-20: Mr Leung also led revival meetings and Bible study trial lessons, as well as preached at Sunday services in Portland, Seattle, Houston, and Chicago of the US.


Theological Training Programs (Putonghua)

  • January 2-12: Six courses were offered in this two-week term. Rev Dr Brian Lam lectured on “Pastoral Ministry and Church Polity”; Dr Esther Xue taught “Pauline Letters in Their Social Contexts in the First Century”; Dr Hong Liang lectured on “Doctrinal Theology (1)”; Dr Song Jun taught “A Comparative Study of Christianity and Chinese Folk Religions”; Rev Dr Carver Yu lectured on “Guided Studies on the Doctrine of God”; Dr Wing-Yan Chan-Mok led the spiritual formation retreat camp.


Electronic Donation Receipt

  • In order to reduce paper consumption and save the environment, and effective September 2017, the donation receipts are to be sent out via email. If you do not have an email address or prefer receiving the donation receipt by post, please inform us and we shall arrange for you accordingly. Thank you for caring about the environment.


Prayer Requests

  1. We thank God for providing the School's financial needs in the past year, through churches, brothers and sisters' loving support. Our 2018 budget is US$ 7,500,000. We pray that God will strengthen our faith and supply us abundantly for this year.
  2. Pray for our campus redevelopment project funding needs. The additional budget for 2018 is US$520,000.
  3. Pray for the launching of a new curriculum for our Graduate School in September 2018. May the Lord bring to us a young generation of Christians responding to His calling and ready to be equipped through vigorous divinity trainings in the coming school year.


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General Fund Financial Report

Jan to Dec, 2017

General Fund    
     Donations   3,849,127
     Tuition & other income         3,367,112
Expenditure   (6,713,473)
Surplus     502,766
Depreciation        (902,039)
Deficit for 2017     (399,273)
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Dec, 2017         US$ 1,635,211


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