Campus News

Board of Directors

  • The Board held their annual general meeting on the morning of June 27. Officers were elected as follows: Mr Patrick Nip (Chairman), Mr Patrick Yuen (Vice-Chairman), Rev Choi Chung Ching (Secretary), and Prof Lau Chung Ming (Treasurer).
  • The Board nominated nine members to serve on the new Board for a period of three years. Four of them are serving consecutive terms: Rev Chu Wing Sang, Dr Yick Kar Lin, Mr Patrick Yuen, Rev Choi Chung Ching. We welcomed five new Board members: Rev Chan Kai Fong, Rev John Tran, Mr Henry Tsang, Rev Patrick Fung, and Dr Catherine Kwong. Five Board members stepped down: Dr Michael Chiu, Ms Shirley Loo, Mr Joseph Lu, Rev Compeyson Lee, Rev Nam Chung Kong. We are thankful for their contributions over the past six years in leading the School forward.


The President Office

  • Vice President Rev Dr Luke Cheung was invited by Fujian Theological Seminary to attend the Dedication Ceremony of their new campus on June 3.
  • President Rev Dr Stephen Lee went to Sydney, Australia to lead the 24th Chinese Christian Youth Sydney Conference between July 8 and 11.
  • President Lee was the speaker of our 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, which was held at the Epping Baptist Church, Sydney on July 13.
  • President Lee also preached at the 43th Tsuen Kwai Tsing Crusade Revival Meeting between July 22 and 24.


Faculty Engagements

  • Dr Esther Xue went to Canada to attend her PhD Graduation Exercises as well as to preach at local Chinese churches and conduct lectures from May 16 to June 6. She took part in the annual meeting of Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS) between May 29 and June 1 and presented a paper on “James’ Viewpoint on Faith and Works: an Intertextual Thematic Analysis of James 2:14-16.” She also attended the annual Bingham Colloquium which was held at McMaster Divinity College between the 4th and the 5th.
  • Dr Joyce Sun attended the “Linguistics and the Greek Verb: Recent Discussions and their implications for NT Exegetes” Conference at Tyndale House, Cambridge from July 10 to 11.
  • Mrs Wance Chan attended a forum on inter-cultural training school hosted by Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions on July 10.
  • Dr Raymond Au and Dr Jean Lee were invited by The Society for Truth and Light to attend and lead talks at the 18th Anniversary Conference on July 10.
  • Dr Annie Pan Ng was invited to lead a talk on spiritual wellness jointly-organized by the Evangelical Free Church of China Waterloo Hill Church, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong YWCA.
  • We welcome Dr Tracy Lo joining CGST as Assistant Professor of Counselling Studies in August. Dr Lo holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary (2012).
  • We are pleased to have our Faculty-in-Preparation candidate Dr Bernard Wong (MDiv 2005) completed his PhD study in Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. He joined us as Assistant Professor of Theological Studies in August.
  • Associate Dean Dr Jean Lee was promoted to Associate Professor of Theological Studies beginning August.
  • Dr Raymond Au completed his appointment as the School’s Chaplaincy in July. Beginning August, Rev Timothy Au was appointed as the Chaplain.
  • Rev Dr Kin Yip Louie was on leave for research writing from August 2015 to January 2016.



  • President Emeritus Rev Dr Carver Yu was recognized for his lifelong ministry by being awarded at the 11th Christian Soldiers Award organized by Hong Kong Association of Christian Organizations. The ceremony was held on June 1.


Staff News

  • Mr Kwok Kuen Leung visited Dallas and Houston of the US, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto of Canada between May 2 and 22 to promote Word of Life Bible Study Ministry.
  • Mr Daniel Law (DipCS 2014), Associate Director of Development, has been promoted to Director of Development since April.
  • We are thankful to Mrs Ruby Wong, Director of Administration, who retired at the end of June.
  • Rev Dr Song Jun (MDiv 2010), Director of Chinese Culture Research Center, attended and presented a paper at the 9th International Symposium on the History of Christianity in Modern China organized by Hong Kong Baptist University and Alliance Bible Seminary between June 12 and 13. “Chinese Christianity after 1949” was the theme of the symposium.
  • Chaplain Rev Kin Lam attended a pastoral exchange luncheon on the subject relating to the US Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage hosted by The Society for Truth and Light on July 29.
  • We welcome Ms Christina Kan onboard as our appointed Director of Administration effective from July.
  • As from August, Mrs Rebecca Lai was appointed Director of Education Initiatives of the President Office. Mr Raymond Fung was promoted to be Registrar and Student Affairs Officer.


Theological Training Programs (Putonghua)

  • We welcomed over 120 Mainland Chinese students to study at the two-week summer term between July 13 and 25. Five courses were offered: “Doctrinal Theology (I)” by Rev Dr Jason Yeung; “Introduction to Apologetics” by Rev Dr Kin Yip Louie; “Pastoral Ministry and Church Polity” by Rev Dr Joseph Kok; “Pauline Letters” by Dr Esther Xue; and “The Gospel and Encountering different Religions” by Dr Wing Yan Chan Mok and Rev Dr Song Jun.


New School Year

  • 129 new students enrolled in the 2015-2016 academic year, bringing our student body to a total of 826 students. Activities held prior to term starting were Orientation Day for new part-time students on the evening of August 28, and new full-time students on the morning of August 31, Orientation Camp for part-time students on August 29 and for full-time students from August 31 to September 3, and the 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving and Commencement Service on September 6, during which President Emeritus Carver Yu addressed our community.


Prayer Requests

  1. We thank God for the graduation of our 38th class in June. Pray for our 119 graduates, that they may be faithful and obedient to God’s call, and that God will bless their ministries.
  2. Pray for the 129 new students who have been accepted by our School. May God strengthen their hearts for service, and help them focus on preparing for their study starting in September.
  3. Pray for our new school year. May God lead our School’s ministries through His grace and faithfulness, to serve believers local and overseas through theological education, and to equip them to serve God. Pray for our faculty, that God will give them extra strength and wisdom in their teaching work.


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General Fund Financial Report

May to Jul, 2015

General Fund    
     Donations   1,012,987
     Tuition & other income         731,263
Expenditure   (1,771,395)
     Deficit     (27,145)
Surplus from Jan to Apr 2015           219,000
Accumulated Surplus     191,855
Outstanding mortgage loans as at Jul, 2015         US$ 2,370,461


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