Campus News

The President Office

  • April 22: President Stephen Lee was invited to attend the 130th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Charity Foundation.
  • April 28: President Lee was invited to be one of the speakers at the 500 Years of Reformation— 2017 Lecture Series hosted by The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong. “Our Vision: Christian's Commitment to Hong Kong” was the theme of the Lecture Series.
  • May 7: President Lee was invited by Christian and Missionary Alliance Witness Alliance Church to preach at their 31st Anniversary Joint Service.
  • May 13: President Lee chaired the 1st meeting of Hong Kong Theological Education Association in 2017-18. He then was invited by Tsuen Wan Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance to preach at their church expansion revival meeting.
  • May 19-21: President Lee was invited by Christian and Missionary Alliance Ruth Hitchcock Memorial Church to preach at their 30th Anniversary revival meeting and thanksgiving service.
  • February to July: Vice President Luke Cheung is on leave for research writing.
  • April 25-27: Vice President Cheung went to Quanzhou to chair the evaluation work for program accreditation of Asia Theological Association.


Faculty Engagements

  • April 7: Dr Annie Pan was invited by Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ to lead spiritual formation talk for co-workers.
  • April 11: Dr Sarah Shea-Ip was invited to teach at Chinese Mission Seminary on theology and disability.
  • April 14: Dr Annie Pan was invited by Ma Tau Wai Christian Church to lead a retreat during Lent. Then, Dr Pan was invited by Spiritual Formational International to conduct a seminar on liturgy and spiritual formation on April 17.
  • April 20: Dr Sarah Shea-Ip was invited by the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary to share the topic of Christian Education at their morning chapel service.
  • April 23: Dr Donna Ho-Lee was invited by Chinese Rhenish Church - Kowloon City to conduct a seminar on children education.
  • April 23 & May 21: Dr Hong Liang was invited by Chinese Christian Fellowship in Heidelberg to speak at a lecture series on the theme of Faith and Theology.
  • April 30-May 2: Rev Timothy Au was invited by Kornhill Baptist Church to preach at their retreat camp.
  • May 1: Dr Annie Pan was invited by Kowloon City Baptist Church to lead retreat day camp for church volunteers.
  • May 3: Rev Timothy Au was invited by Alliance Mandarin Church to lead a retreat for their Awana ministry team.
  • May 5: Ms May Yip attended the 2017 ABS Mission Conference: Today's Missionary Training—The Asia Experience hosted by Alliance Bible Seminary.
  • May 7: Dr Sarah Shea-Ip was invited by The ELCHK Grace Lurtheran Church to speak on the topic of caring for and serving the mentally and physically challenged.
  • May 9-10: Rev Timothy Au was invited by Heritage Baptist Church to lead a retreat for their pastoral team.
  • May 12: Dr Jean Lee was invited by The Society for Truth And Light to speak at their Life and ethics dialogue on the theme of marketplace.
  • May 13: Dr Lee attended the 1st meeting of Hong Kong Theological Education Association in 2017-18. Dr Annie Pan-Ng was invited by Fellowship of Evangelical Students Hong Kong to lead a spiritual formation talk for youth.
  • May 13-14: Dr Wong Ka-Leung was invited by Austral-Asian Chinese Church to preach at their public seminar on the Book of Joshua in Adelaide, Australia. Dr Wong also preached at their Sunday Service and shared at a dialogue on bible studies.
  • May 20: Dr Joyce Sun was invited by Hong Kong Evangelical Yan Din Church to lead a bible study day on the First Epistle of Peter.
  • December 2016: Edited by Dr Wong Ka-Leung and translated by Li An-Chin, 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther in Chinese (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: OT Volume V), was published by Campus Evangelical Fellowship in Taipei.
  • December 2016: Dr Joyce Sun’s thesis This Is True Grace: The Shaping of Social Behavioural Instructions by Theology in 1 Peter was published by Langham Monographs.
  • January: Dr Joyce Sun’s paper in Chinese “Theological Interpretation and the Subjective Dimension of Biblical Interpretation: Inspiration from the Petrine Household Code” was published in the Jian Dao Journal Issue 47 (January, 2017), P 23-41.
  • January: The book in Chinese Faith Walker in the Marketplace co-authored by Dr Jean Lee and alumnus Mr Alex Yeung was published by Christian Communications Limited.
  • January: Compiled by Dr Kin-Yip Louie and Dr Joyce Sun, authored by CGST Faculty Team, the book in Chinese A Call to Political Engagement was published by the Fellowship Of Evangelical Students Hong Kong.
  • January: Dr Kin-Yip Louie’s book in Chinese The Search for Christendom – History of the Medieval Church was published by Christian Communications Limited.
  • Dr Tracy Lo published a co-authored paper in English: Patel, S. K., Meier, A. M. Fernandez, N., Lo, T. T. Y., Moore, C, & Delgado, N. (2017). Convergent and criterion validity of the CogState computerized brief battery cognitive assessment in women with and without breast cancer. The Clinical Neuropsychology, 12, 1-12.


Staff News

  • February 6-10: Rev Dr Song Jun gave lectures on “Expository Preaching” at Yucai Seminary in Beijing.
  • February 17-28: Director of Word of Life Ministry Mr Leung Kwok-Kuen went to Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco of the US and Vancouver of Canada to conduct revival meetings and preach at Sunday Services.
  • April 10-14: Rev Dr Song Jun taught “Chinese Church History” at Chinese Mission Bible Institute in Changsha.


Graduation Exercises and Dinner

  • The Fortieth Graduation Exercises was held at the Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church at 3:00pm on June 24, Saturday. Dr Joseph Shao, President of Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, addressed the convocation. Graduation Dinner was held at Choi Fook Eky's Banquet in Jordan, Kowloon, in that evening.


Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the class of 2017, that God will grant those entering full time ministry a humble heart to serve in faithfulness wherever God places them. Pray also for those who have completed the evening part time programs. May God use them to integrate what they have learnt in their workplace and to witness Christ in their professions.
  2. Pray for the applicants who are being considered for the new school year. May God direct the selection process and give wisdom to the Admission Committee members.


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General Fund Financial Report

Jan to Apr, 2017

General Fund    
     Donations   1,136,717
     Tuition & other income         859,100
Expenditure   (2,191,719)
Deficit     (195,902)
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Apr, 2017         US$ 1,834,034


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