Campus News

The President Office

  • December 2, 2016: President Stephen Lee was invited by Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance to preach at their affiliated schools’ joint-school teachers retreat.
  • December 5-7, 2016: President Lee was invited to preach at the revival meeting hosted by Chinese Rhenish Church – Kowloon.
  • December 26-27, 2016: Vice President Luke Cheung was invited by Hong Kong Ling Liang Church to lead their Bible camp on the First Epistle of Peter.
  • January 11-13, 2017: Vice President Cheung attended the Board Meeting of Asia Theological Association in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Faculty Engagements

  • December 15, 2016: Dr Raymond Au was invited to speak at the seminar hosted by the New Territories East, West Cluster Chaplaincy Office.
  • December 26-27, 2016: Dr Joyce Sun was invited by Tai Po Christian and Missionary Alliance Church to preach at their winter conference on the Book of Revelation.
  • December 30, 2016: Dr Annie Pan-Ng was invited to lead a spiritual revival seminar on the topic of spiritual formation in metropolitan city hosted by TEAM Church Association in Taitung, Taiwan.
  • January 10-11, 2017: Rev Timothy Au was invited by Breakthrough to lead their staff retreat.
  • January 14, 2017: Dr Pan-Ng was invited to preach at the retreat hosted by Christian Communications Ltd.
  • January 16, 2017: Dr Jane Mann was invited by North Point Alliance Church to speak at the mother church and her branch churches’ pastoral team development meeting.
  • January 21, 2017: Dr Bernard Wong and Rev Dr Kin-Yip Louie was invited to lead workshops of the Christian Youth Summit co-hosted by Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Divinity School of Chung Chi College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Youth Ministry Team of Hong Kong Christian Council, and Mission Citizens.
  • Dr Hong Liang’s doctoral thesis was awarded both 2017 Ernst Wolf-Preis Nachwuchsförderpreis der Gesellschaft für Evangelische Theologie, and Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise 2017 respectively.
  • Dr Jean Lee, Dean of Graduate School, published a paper in the Chinese publication Alternative Imagination of Economics and Theology (Hong Kong Chinese Christian Literature Council: 2016): 93-106.
  • Dr Annie Pan-Ng published two papers, one in the Chinese publication The Grandeur of Spirituality 2 (Hong Kong Logos Publishers: 2016): 98- 108, and the other paper in English ‘The Eucharist as Transformable Spirituality: Reflections on Protestant Spirituality and Recent Civil Disobedience Movement in Hong Kong’, Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality 16 (2016): 14- 38; published by the Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Associate Dean Dr Simon Cheung published a paper in English “Forget Your People and Your Father’s House”: The Core Theological Message of Psalm 45 and Its Canonical Position in the Hebrew Psalter’, Bulletin for Biblical Research 26 (2016): 325-40.
  • Rev Timothy Au published a paper in the Chinese publication Pastoring in the Time of Political Turbulence (Hong Kong: 2016): 24-28.


Staff News

  • October 25-26, 2016: Rev Dr Song Jun, Director of Chinese Culture Research Center, attended the conference commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the passing of The Rev Canon Ho Sai-Ming cum Christianity in China sponsored by Christian Cultural Society, Center for Religious Research of China of State Administration for Religious Affairs of PRC, China Religious Culture Publisher of State Administration for Religious Affairs of PRC and Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. The event was also co-organized by Chinese Christian Literature Council and Ho Sai-Ming Foundation.
  • November 16-22, 2016: Director of Word of Life Ministry Mr Leung Kwok-Kuen led revival meeting at Soho Outreach Centre of Chinese Church in London, UK. He went on to Manchester to share Word of Life Ministry at Manchester Alliance Church.
  • December 10, 2016: Rev Dr Song Jun was invited by the alumni association of Huaxia Theological Seminary to present a paper at their theology conference. Rev Song spoke in the area of contextualization of church in the current situation of faith in China Mainland.


Theological Training Programs (Putonghua)

  • January 3-14, 2017: Six courses were offered in this two-week term: Rev Dr Jason Yeung lectured “Selective Readings in Theology and History of Chinese Churches”; Rev Dr and Mrs Brian Lam co-taught “Pastoral Ministry and Church Polity”; Rev Dr Brian Lam lectured “Spiritual Formation for Leaders”; Mrs Bess Choi taught “Basic Counseling Skills”; Dr Esther Xue lectured “The Letter to Galatians”; and Dr Hong Liang taught “Doctrinal Theology (2)”. President Stephen Lee preached at the morning chapel service to begin the intensive school term. And the spiritual formation retreat camp was led by Dr Wing-Yan Chan-Mok.


MAC Channels

  • MAC Channels ( is a public online platform dedicated to marketplace ministry. Supported by CGST and created by CGST Marketplace Alumni Club (MAC), MAC Channels features short talks and reflective articles. Content mainly comes from messages and stories that were shared in meetings, classes or activities by CGST professors, alumni and students. In the highly-complex and diversified marketplace context, we pray that this online platform will become a resourceful powerhouse for Christian marketplace believers. Through the integration of faith and work, we strive to provide reflective perspectives and ways to tackle marketplace issues. We also pray that this online platform will provide applicable and viable resources for churches to serve their working people in the pews. The mission of MAC is to establish a marketplace network, to enact the marketplace mission, and to promote the marketplace movement.


Prayer Requests

  1. We thank God for providing the School's financial needs in the past year; through churches, brothers and sisters' loving support so our ministries can be carried out smoothly. Our 2017 budget is US$ 7,500,000. We pray that God will strengthen our faith and supply us abundantly for this year.
  2. Pray for the new student recruitment in the coming school year, that God will guide those responding to His calling, be equipped and study at CGST.
  3. Pray that through the 2017 Apr-Jun TEE programs and 'Word of Life' Bible Study classes, students may be richly blessed by His grace.


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General Fund Financial Report

Jan to Dec, 2016

General Fund    
     Donations   4,027,735
     Tuition & other income         3,322,116
Expenditure   (6,752,194)
Surplus     597,657
Depreciation     (910,395)
Other Funds Surplus           509,081
Surplus for 2016     196,343
Outstanding mortgage loan as at Dec, 2016         US$ 1,938,746


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