Former Presidents

Honorary President Rev Dr Philip Teng (Term 1974-1989)
President Emeritii Rev Dr Wilson Chow (Term 1989-2007)
  Rev Dr Carver Yu (Term 2007-2013)
  Rev Dr Stephen Lee (Term 2013-2021)




God gave a vision to four seminarians, at the time studying at Westminster, Philadelphia, to establish an indigenous, inter-denominational, evangelical and graduate level theological institution for the purpose of training university graduates to serve the churches in China and to evangelize around the world.


After two years of negotiation, the Preparation Committee of the Seminary Project, formed by the four seminarians, merged with the US Board of the North China Theological Seminary and assumed the new identity of the US Board of China Graduate School of Theology.


The CGST US board decided to establish a school in Hong Kong and CGST was incorporated in Hong Kong. A new board was later formed.


God prepared the Devon Campus and on September 28, the School celebrated its grand opening. The ten-year vision had finally become a reality, turning a new page for Chinese theology education.


CGST offered courses on Master of Divinity, Master of Christian Studies and Diploma in Christian Studies. These programs were accredited by the Asia Theological Association in 1979. In 1981-82, as a program expansion exercise, CGST cooperated with several Christian organizations in offering a variety of programs. These included a joint ventured with Breakthrough in developing a Counseling Program, partnership with the School of World Mission of Fuller Theological Seminary in offering a Chinese Mission Program, and collaboration with Korea Asia Seminary in developing a Master of Theology Program.


In 1986, the CGST Journal came off the press. In the same year, a Master of Theology Program was introduced. In 1989, CGST collaborated with Ontario Theology Seminary (later known as Tyndale Seminary) in establishing a Chinese Ministry Program. In the 1990's, CGST started to work with some theological seminaries in China. At the same time, CGST offered a Master in Christian Studies (Counseling) Program and collaborated with the Graduate Christian Fellowship of Hong Kong in offering a part-time evening Diploma program.

The Millennium

The year 2000 marked the 25th anniversary of CGST and the completion of the redevelopment of its Devon Campus. In 2002, PhD programs were launched. Meanwhile, CGST became a member of the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA), which accredited our degree and diploma programs. As the School celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2005, CGST purchased the lot adjacent to its Dorset Campus, with an aim to redevelop the campus. It was the plan of the School to increase faculty members and continue to prepare servants for the Kingdom of God.