Dr Celine YEUNG Assistant Professor (Theological Studies)


BA University of Oxford
文學士 牛津大學
MCS China Graduate School of Theology
基督教研究碩士 中國神學研究院
MTh University of Aberdeen
神學碩士 亞巴甸大學
PhD Princeton Theological Seminary
哲學博士 普林斯頓神學院

Theology of the Lord's Supper
Reformed Theology
The theology of Karl Barth
Public Theology


Theology has always been Celine's passion. She entered CGST in 2008 for the Masters in Christian Studies program. In 2014 her dream to study systematic theology in Scotland came true, although it took her away from her hometown Hong Kong during the Umbrella Movement. For her MTh dissertation at Aberdeen, the political situation of her home prompted her to write on Karl Barth's understanding of church-state relation and its possible implications for HK. When HK found itself in more uncertainty and protests sparked by an extradition bill in 2019-20, Celine was writing on the theology of the Lord's Supper. She was struck by the strong socio-political implications of the historical allusions of the last supper to the Passover and to the Sinaitic covenant. Her dissertation challenges the traditional metaphysical (both mystical and symbolist) approaches of the Lord's Supper, but instead argues for an interpersonal and historical, hence ethical and liberal, approach. As she returned to CGST in 2020, she is aware that her years away meant that her teaching must primarily listen to student voices

Celine believes that theology is not a privilege of the academia, but must be done for, and on behalf of, lay people. Apart from her family who has given her the nurturing and freedom to engage in biblical and theological inquiry, she is also indebted to her home church, Emmanuel Chinese Church. It gave her a non-denominational upbringing that encouraged fresh engagement with different traditions. Its grassroots context reminds her that theology must always be down to earth and speak relevantly to all walks of life.

    • 書內專文
    Journal Articles
  • "God and His Stuttering Prophet: Lessons on Disability from the Burning Bush." Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability 7.1 (2018): 49-70.

    Conference Proceedings
  • "Feast before my Enemies––Rediscovering the Socio-Political Dimensions of the Eucharist," presented at Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology XII "Theos and Polis: Political Theology as Discernment" (Oct 2019).

  • "Salvation on the Table––Exploring the Role of Sacrificial Meals in the OT," presented at the St Andrews Symposium for Biblical and Early Christian Studies "Atonement: Sin, Sacrifice, and Salvation in Jewish and Christian Antiquity" (Jun 2018)

  • “Royal Heirs and Heiresses: The Implications of a 'Royal' Interpretation of the Imago Dei,” presented at the Society for the Study of Theology postgraduate conference "Images, Icons and Idols" (Jan 2015).