Dr SO Mo Yu Assistant Professor (Practical Studies)


BBA Chinese University of Hong Kong
工商管理學學士 香港中文大學
MSc The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
理學碩士 香港理工大學
PhD Lanzhou University
哲學博士 中國蘭州大學






After graduation from the business administration department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1988, Dr. So worked in the field of human resources for over ten years where she cultivated her knowledge and passion for training and teambuilding. She has always been attracted by the diversity and abundance of Chinese culture and longed to serve in its vast territory. She completed a master’s degree in China Business Studies which was one of the few courses that focuses on China. She then started a new career in Xinjiang through joining an international NGO in 2002. Apart from Xinjiang, she also served in Beijing and Lanzhou for a total of 16 years and she completed a research on muslim female migrants at the end of her ministry in China.

The LORD has been guiding her step by step, patiently and meticulously shaping her in the past years: from being a Hong Hong white collar to a community development worker in mountainous ethnic minority villages, later a trainer in the capital city of China, and finally a researcher on ethnic women. Through this long, rough, and occasionally insurmountable journey, the presence of the LORD along the way has led her to believe that real faith experiences and life stories are effective witness of the living Christ that can overcome all the cultural or institutional barriers. In the coming future, she hopes she can be a channel of grace, and play the role of motivator when fellow brothers and sisters respond to the calling of Christ to carry out His mission; and, by doing so, everyone that takes part in the mission can experience the steadfast love of God and His perfect will in humankind.
  • 〈民國時期回族女子教育的發展特點與歷史貢獻〉,《西北民族研究》,2017年第3期。

  • 〈西北穆斯林民間公益組織的文化分析〉,《北方民族大學學報(哲學社會科學版)》,2015年第6期。