Rev Dr LOUIE Kin Yip Heavenly Blessings Professor (Theological Studies)

BA Queen's University, Kingston
文學士 女皇大學
MA Princeton University
文學碩士 普林斯頓大學
MDiv Westminster Theological Seminary
道學碩士 威斯敏斯特神學院
PhD University of Edinburgh
哲學博士 愛丁堡大學



Dr. Kin Yip Louie came to know the Lord while studying in Canada. He received the calling into pastoral ministry during his graduate studies in the US. He was ordained by First Baptist Church of Flushing. He is now a voluntary pastor at City One Baptist Church, and a board member of the Society for Truth and Light and the World Reformed Fellowship.

Dr. Louie first joined CGST in 2001. He is interested in historical theology, particularly Thomas Aquinas and the Reformed tradition. Owing to his training in economics, he likes to study the relationship between Christian belief and social issues. He believes that Christians should engage actively with contemporary culture, while learning to critique culture with Christian truth. He seeks to understand how to practice justice and mercy in contemporary society.

His research and writings are devoted to the engagement of faith with culture, in past and present societies. His publications include The Beauty of the Triune GodThe Search for Christendom: History of the Medieval ChurchLearning Theology through Movies (co-writers), A Call to Political Engagement (co-editors).