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The Crisis of American (White) Evangelicalism (Day 2)

2021-01-22 1527 雷競業博士 , 楊思言博士 , Rev Dr Mark Labberton 蘇恩佩文化倫理講座

CGST Josephine So Culture and Ethics Lecture Week The Crisis of American (White) Evangelicalism - a historical, theological, cultural, and personal perspective Day 2 - Christology and/ or Culture (基督與文化表裏不一) the battle of American evangelicalism that exalts its Christology while culture eats its soul Keynote Speaker: Rev Dr Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary Faculty Response : Dr Celine Yeung, Assistant Professor (Theological Studies) Faculty Response : Rev Dr Louie Kin Yip, Heavenly Blessings Professor (Theological Studies)