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The Crisis of American (White) Evangelicalism (Day 3)

2021-01-22 988 李適清博士 , 黃國維博士 , Rev Dr Mark Labberton 蘇恩佩文化倫理講座

CGST Josephine So Culture and Ethics Lecture Week The Crisis of American (White) Evangelicalism - a historical, theological, cultural, and personal perspective Day 3 - Perplexities about Power and Leadership (國度榮耀的迷惑) issues of evangelical power that underlie, crown, and subvert its Gospel and its witness Keynote Speaker: Rev Dr Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary Faculty Responses : Dr Jean Lee, Abundant Grace Associate Professor (Theological Studies), Dean Faculty Responses : Rev Dr Bernard Wong, Associate Professor (Theological Studies), Associate Dean