Visiting Professor

  Rev Philip Yeung   Biblical Studies                              


Adjunct Faculty

  Rev Ng Shan Ho   Issues in Pastoral Ministry
  Mrs Bess Choi   Basic Counselling Skills
Marriage & Family Counselling (2)
  Mrs Winnie Chan   Self Management & Interpersonal Relationship
  Dr John Yieh   The Gospel of Matthew: Exegesis and Effects
  Ms May Yip   Cultural Transformation
  Ms Stella Siu   Grief and Crisis Counselling
  Dr Lai Chien Kuo   Deuteronomy
  Dr Jason Yeung   Putunghua Biblical Studies programs


Pastoral Ministry Placement Supervison

  Rev Dr Ming-tak Li MDiv 92 (C&MA Graceflow Church)
  Rev Hoi-ping Lee   (Kowloon Tong Church of CC & MA Sheung Shui Church)
  Rev Perry Chow   (Shaukeiwan Swatow Baptist Church)
  Ms Siu-king Lam   (Kowloon City Baptist Church)
  Rev Tung-fan Sun MDiv 95 (C&MA Malkoshe Church)
  Rev Lai-chu Yuen   (Kowloon Tong Church of CC & MA Yau Oi Church)
  Rev Brahms Ma MDiv 93 (Kowloon Tong Church of CC & MA Hiu Lai Church)
  Rev Wai-cheong Chang MDiv 90 (Chinese Rhenish Church, Hong Kong)
  Rev Siu-ling Ho   (Chinese Rhenish Church, Hong Kong)
  Rev Shing-tung Chan MDiv 91 (CCC Yaumatei Kei To Church)
  Rev Chi-bun Chan MDiv 85 (CCC Quarry Bay Church)
  Rev Hon-fun Mak MDiv 85 (CCC Wan Chai Church)
  Rev Yiu-on Mak MDiv 02 (C&MA Oi Man Church)
  Rev Ka-fai Wong MDiv 01 (C&MA Shatin Church)
  Rev Chung-ching Choi MDiv 00 (Hong Kong (Western) Swatow Baptist Church)
  Rev Philip Tang MDiv 86 (CCC Cheung Sha Wan Kei To Church)


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